Erica Goss: An Inspiring Mission to Help Young Girls to Find Their Voices

The founder of Girls’ Voices Matter, Erica Goss, has fifteen years of experience teaching literary arts-based curricula at schools in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is the co-creator of Media Poetry Studio, a poetry-and-film summer workshop for teen girls. As Poet Laureate for Los Gatos, California, she established the Los Gatos Poet Laureate YouthContinue reading “Erica Goss: An Inspiring Mission to Help Young Girls to Find Their Voices”

Introducing Christina Kwan and The Road Uncovered

As she ascended the corporate ladder, Christina confronted many commonplace struggles: doubt, anxiety, and the infamous imposter syndrome. Nonetheless, she persisted, learning to trust her instincts and take action, even if it meant doing something foreign, or simply being bold. When she neared the highly-coveted top, Christina looked at her surroundings, and wondered, “Is thisContinue reading “Introducing Christina Kwan and The Road Uncovered”

Kim Meninger: Empowering Women to Expand Visibility, Increase Assertiveness, and Build Confidence

Naturally, Kim and I met at a Lean In Event, where we had the pleasure of listening to Sheryl Sandberg speak about women at work, and how we all need to do better both within and outside of the workplace to cultivate more equitable societies. I later discovered that this notion was the premise ofContinue reading “Kim Meninger: Empowering Women to Expand Visibility, Increase Assertiveness, and Build Confidence”

The Crippling Effects of Likability

Hello there. It’s been a minute (more like 86,400 to be more precise and less cliché), but I’m back and better than ever. Those readers who don’t know me on a personal level are likely unable to sense the sarcasm, but trust me, it’s there. The truth is, the start of 2020 caught me byContinue reading “The Crippling Effects of Likability”

Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl and the Vital Lessons it Holds

It is with great caution and a heavy heart that I attempt to unravel this immensely delicate topic. Anne Frank and all that her story encapsulates permeates a past much larger than any of us. A few months back, I traveled to Amsterdam and visited the Anne Frank House, walking outside to face the beautifulContinue reading “Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl and the Vital Lessons it Holds”

Nine Perfect Strangers: Liane Moriarty Tackles our Unfaltering Quest for Self-Betterment

You know that you’ve found yourself a distinguished read when upon unsticking the resistant new cover from the first page, you opt to make a trip to the place of its very origination, even if it happens to be on the other side of the world. To briefly rewind about half a year into theContinue reading “Nine Perfect Strangers: Liane Moriarty Tackles our Unfaltering Quest for Self-Betterment”

Ghosted: Rosie Walsh’s Thrilling Twist on the Commonplace Phenomenon

When asked what had inspired her to embark on this topic of twenty-first century “ghosting,” Rosie Walsh attests, “I wanted to write about a universal dilemma – an experience that almost all of us have had, but few of us have been able to navigate successfully. Then, one evening, I had dinner with a friendContinue reading “Ghosted: Rosie Walsh’s Thrilling Twist on the Commonplace Phenomenon”

Friendship Inventories and the Unexpected Breakup

Just before I had set off for University, everyone I spoke with seemed to idealize their personal college experience, outwardly acclaiming how they would do anything to turn back time for a mere day, simply for one more tailgate, senior party, or a night surrounded by best friends. Much to my surprise upon arriving toContinue reading “Friendship Inventories and the Unexpected Breakup”

Education: An Overtly Underestimated Weapon

Education is an eminently underestimated weapon. Reflecting on my personal schooling experience, I am a tad ashamed at the thought of my complaining over an impending essay or exam. I lament the two classes I skipped in college (even more so after dividing my annual tuition by the number of classes held in those twoContinue reading “Education: An Overtly Underestimated Weapon”

Venmo and the Demise of Reciprocity

I recently listened to Rachel Hollis’ podcast titled, Why is it so hard to talk about money? The oddity of this topic is initially what had me intrigued to give it a listen. That is, money truly is a taboo and unwieldy topic to delve into, for a myriad of reasons. For starters, the economyContinue reading “Venmo and the Demise of Reciprocity”