Alexis Alcalá and Women Going Beyond

Having inadvertently stumbled upon Women Going Beyond through a graduate course in International Women's Health and Human Rights, I immediately needed to learn more. Upon chatting about this inspirational NGO with its founder, Alexis, I maintained a deep-seated urge to get further involved. WGB aims to provide self and professional development skills to young women... Continue Reading →

Introducing Christina Kwan and The Road Uncovered

As she ascended the corporate ladder, Christina confronted many commonplace struggles: doubt, anxiety, and the infamous imposter syndrome. Nonetheless, she persisted, learning to trust her instincts and take action, even if it meant doing something foreign, or simply being bold. When she neared the highly-coveted top, Christina looked at her surroundings, and wondered, "Is this... Continue Reading →

Maddi Niebanck: A Powerful Road to Recovery

Maddi Niebanck embodies the word resilience. She is the author of Passion for Fashion; leading the editorial portion of a new handbag line, Cara Benevenia; and is also writing a new book while simultaneously kick-starting a blog surrounding her experience with neuro rehab and stroke recovery. Yes, you read that correctly. Maddi is absolutely crushing... Continue Reading →

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