Nujood Ali: An Account of Hope

Nujood Ali was nine years old when her parents arranged her to be married to Faez Ali Thamer, a man in his thirties. Today, she is a central figure in the movement to end forced child marriage. Nujood was born in Yemen, where the laws stipulate that girls cannot be married until the age of... Continue Reading →

Girl, Wash Your Face: Recognize the Privilege to Rise Above and Discover Your Inner-Hero

In its simplest form, feminism is the theory of political, economic, and social equality of the sexes, or organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests. Despite the overarching generality of this definition, feminism looks incredibly discordantly for diverse groups of women around the world. White feminism, an appellation surrounding feminist theories or movements... Continue Reading →

Resilience: Time to Flex

It all comes in waves. You can say that about pretty much anything in life. And when it rains, it sure pours. But when it’s dry, it feels like the Atacama desert (that’s in Chile – dying to go). I've candidly struggled to write this piece, as I recognize that I’m privileged in countless ways,... Continue Reading →

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