Envisaging Brighter Days Ahead

Humanity has never stood more united as we universally confront an unprecedented way of life. However varied our respective experiences may be, we are innately unified, situated in the midst of a global pandemic. Societies across the world, stripped of most normality, are banded together by the emotions that the five stages of grief implicate:... Continue Reading →

The Crippling Effects of Likability

Hello there. It’s been a minute (more like 86,400 to be more precise and less cliché), but I’m back and better than ever. Those readers who don’t know me on a personal level are likely unable to sense the sarcasm, but trust me, it’s there. The truth is, the start of 2020 caught me by... Continue Reading →

Why I Don’t Say Happy Birthday: A Romantic’s Guide to Forgiving, Forgetting, and Letting Go

Upon reading the title of this piece, I’m inquisitive as to where most minds wander. Personally, upon contriving this name, Why I Don’t Say Happy Birthday, my thoughts immediately jumped to the daily appearance a red notification signaling Facebook birthdays, which oftentimes celebrate the lives of individuals with whom I haven’t spoken in years (or... Continue Reading →

That Girl

I was strolling alongside the Charles River on a beautiful summer evening, soaking in the warm air and cotton candy sky overhead, accompanied by a friend a few years my junior, who was visibly uneasy. Shortly after we began our walk, she professed that she was seeking advice. I remained calm and encouraging, but my... Continue Reading →

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